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Connecting StatusGator to StatusHub

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Connecting StatusGator to StatusHub

StatusHub is an IT incident management and communication tool used by thousands of organizations around the world. Their platform allows your team to publish a status page either publicly or internally and communicate the status of incidents to your stakeholders. 

You can integrate your StatusGator account and your StatusHub account to send data from StatusGator to StatusHub. When your providers experiences an incident, StatusGator detects the change to their status page and updates a corresponding component in your StatusHub, creating an incident you can react to and communicate on your status page.

StatusHub allows you to optionally create each new incident in a draft state, giving you an opportunity to review the impact of the the incident on your infrastructure and publish or not publish the incident accordingly.

Once you've created a service on your StatusHub for a given provider, you first need to enable the StatusGator integration at StatusHub.

Then, on the StatusGator side of things, there are 3 steps to integrating StatusHub and StatusGator:

1. Add the StatusHub integration (available on our Business Team plan and above and on our Education Large plan and above).

2. Enter your StatusHub subdomain and API token.

3. Link StatusGator services to StatusHub services.

Add StatusHub Integration:

Go to the Integrations page in StatusGator. Under Status Pages, click Add next to StatusHub and you will be redirected to a configuration screen.

Configure API Details:

1. On the next screen, enter the subdomain for your StatusHub site. This is usually a short string that prepends "" in the URL to your page. 

2. Next, enter your StatusHub API key. You can get this from the Settings page of your StatusHub dashboard.

3. Click Save and the page will refresh.

Link Services:

1. Once you've entered your subdomain and API Key, you can switch over to the Monitors menu tab to add services.

2. From here, you can choose a service you subscribe to on StatusGator and link it to a service you've created in your StatusHub. You can link as many services as you want, but you don't have to link all of them. 

3. When you're finished linking services, click Save

Incidents that your vendors now post on their status pages will send incidents to your StatusHub. Don't forget that you can filter your subscription to each service's status page by choosing specific components. Services that publish the status of multiple products or regions, can therefore be filtered to only the products or regions your team uses.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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