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Historical Report Exports

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Historical Report Exports

On some StatusGator plans, we provide access to historical data exports for the services you monitor. Click on Reports to export raw data to JSON, CSV, or Excel file which you can use for analysis and reporting.

Some common use cases include generating summary reports for your team on the reliability of your services and negotiating with vendors for discounts based on historical outages.

By default, you have access to data from the first of the month in which you signed up for StatusGator. If you need access to data before that time period, please reach out. 

There are 4 type of reports:

1. Board History
Lists all incidents affecting your monitors over a given time frame. Shows the start and end time along with summary info.

2. All Status Changes
A raw list of changes to the status of your monitors: What status they changed from and to along with summary info. 

3. Component Status Pages
The same as above except it includes component-level detail. That is, the changes to individual components on a given monitor -- not just the overall monitor itself.

4. Component Summary
Outage summary info listed for each component of your monitors. Includes the time each component was in the warn or down state over a given period.

To access and export data, simply click on the report you require, specify the time range, and download it in the format of your choice.

Below you will find detailed info about the columns available in each report.

Component Status Changes: 

  • name: This is the name of the service monitor
  • recorded_at: The time we detected the change to the status page (UTC)
  • from: What the overall status of the service was before the time of detection.
  • to: What the overall status of the service changed to at the time of detection. This is the "worst" status of its constituent components. Example: One component is down and one component is warn, the overall status will be down.
  • message: Headline or summary of incident from the status page
  • details: More incident details if provided by the status page
  • group_name: Some status pages have components in groups such as product or region
  • name: Name of the component which could be a feature, a product, or a region
  • component_from: What the status of the component was before the time of detection
  • component_to: What the status of the component changed to at the time of detection

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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