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How does StatusGator monitor services?

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How does StatusGator monitor services?

StatusGator works by collecting the published service status from each company's official status page.

Let's take Shopify here as an example. Shopify publishes their official status on their status page:

We read that page and collect the status of each Shopify component from this page. In some cases, we usually officially documented public status APIs. In other cases, we use undocumented APIs we have reverse-engineered. And in other cases, we use web scraping to parse the data directly from the page.

In our Shopify example, if their status page is down, StatusGator would not be able to report on the status and their status will show as "Unknown". But if their status page is up and running, we collect the status and publish it to your dashboard, status page, and notifications.

We have a robust system in place for recording status page availability and our team is alerted whenever a status page goes down or its format or API changes. We check status pages every 5 minutes and send notifications to you within seconds.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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