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Public Status Page

A public status page conveys scheduled maintenance, downtime events, and general system uptime of sites or services. 

StatusGator can publish an aggregated status page showing the status of all of the services that you monitor. These status pages allow your team members view-only access to your service dependencies. Status Pages are a feature of all plans.

With your public status page, users can do the following: 

1. Expand your status page summary to see detailed information about any incidents that have occurred. 

2. Check service status (including components status). Use the arrows to expand the service status and components.

3. Check the uptime history for the last 30 days.

4. Report an issue if it's not yet displayed on the status page. In this case, you'll receive a notification and can quickly address the issue

5. Subscribe to updates for all or specific services and receive email notifications if there are any changes to the status.

6. Customize the layout of the status page according to their preference, choosing between a full list view or a more compact display with a 2 or 3 column layout.

7. Set up auto-refresh intervals for your status page, choosing from options like 1, 5, 15 minutes, 1 hour, or never. When enabled and configured to a specific time value, your status page will automatically refresh in your browser at the selected interval.

8. Change theme from light to dark

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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