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Setting User Permissions

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Setting User Permissions

Some StatusGator plans allow multiple users in a single organization to access and manage your StatusGator dashboard. Use this feature to delegate management of your vendor monitoring to certain teams. Each department might have one or two users who have StatusGator accounts in order to choose services to monitor, configure notification preferences, and set up filters.

When inviting a user to your StatusGator organization, you can choose one of two permission levels.

  • User;
  • Admin.

A user will only be able to access the StatusGator dashboards to which you assign them. For each dashboard they are assigned to, they will have total control to add services, remove services, and set up integrations and notification preferences.

These regular users will not be able to change StatusGator plans or payment information, invite other users, or create new dashboards.

If you grant someone admin access, they will have all the same permissions of a regular user but they will also be able to invite other users, create new dashboards, remove dashboards, and change StatusGator plans and billing. To enable admin access, simply toggle the Admin button on for the user on the Organization page:

StatusGator Roles and Permissions

The table below lists the various features of StatusGator and defines which role has access to which features:

Monitor Cloud ServicesYes, on assigned dashboardsYes
Monitor WebsitesYes, on assigned dashboardsYes
Configure Component FiltersYes, on assigned dashboardsYes
Manage Status PageYes, on assigned dashboardsYes
Configure NotificationsYes, on assigned dashboardsYes
Setup IntegrationsYes, on assigned dashboardsYes
Download Historical DataYes, on assigned dashboardsYes
Invite UsersNoYes
Create DashboardsNoYes
Assign Users to DashboardsNoYes
Change PlansNoYes
Change Payment MethodsNoYes

In short, grant admin access only to those users you want to manage your StatusGator account as a whole.

For general, read-only access to the status of all your services, create a status page, and distribute its URL to your team, company, or end-users.

For more details on inviting users, see our article Inviting Colleagues to your StatusGator Account.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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