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Displaying Components Separately

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Displaying Components Separately

Many cloud services monitored by StatusGator are composed of separate components. The nature of these components varies from service to service. For large cloud providers there are often components grouped into regions and then segmented by product or service offering. For other providers, components might be features or areas of a product.

Because some services have a very large surface area encompassing many distinct components, you may wish to display certain components separately on your StatusGator dashboard and status page. For example:

In the dashboard pictures above, Amazon Web Services has two entries: One for EC2 and one for S3. Cloudflare also has two different entries, one for their CDN service and one for the DNS service. And the Heroku service is separated into two different monitors: Heroku Apps for the hosting platform status and Tools for their deployment and infrastructure features.

To configure your dashboard in this:

  1. Search for the service you wish to add.
  2. Configure its component filters to only the component(s) you want to display.
  3. Rename the service however you wish it to be displayed on your dashboard and status page.

For example, to add AWS Cloudwatch to your dashboard, search for Amazon Web Services. Click Add Services at the top of your dashboard:

Search for Amazon Web Services:

  1. Click the Amazon Web Services item in the search results:

  1. The Amazon Web Service service will be added to your dashboard. If you already have the service, its name will be appended with a number. Click the filter icon next to the service:

  1. Choose which services, products, or regions the status of which you wish to display on your dashboard. In this case, choose the Amazon Cloudwatch components that your team uses:

  1. At the bottom of the page, enter a Display Name for this service. In this case, Amazon Cloudwatch and click Save Configuration.

Your dashboard and status page will reflect the separate service, filtered to the status of only those components you chose.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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