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Some websites might not have public status pages, but might have some informational pages. On those, one may encounter active incidents or some info about service degradation, stuff like that.

Let's take this website as an example:

It's not really a status page, but there are some valuable pieces of information like the login portal. In a case when a login portal works fine without any issues and it has the key word "login" on it, it would mean that the service is "UP". Otherwise, we'd expect it to not contain the key word "login" and contain some error messages saying something along the lines of "down", "error", "undefined", etc. You can monitor for these specific words on that site and if those appear, they'd mean the site is UP.

Here's how:

1. Simply click Add Monitor in the upper-right and choose Website Monitor: 

2. Enter the name and URL of the website you wish to monitor. StatusGator will check it every 5 minutes and show its status in your dashboard. You’ll see it on your internal board and your public board, just like any other service. This feature is perfect for monitoring your own website or any infrastructure you have.

3. You can configure the service by clicking 3 dots next to this website monitor. Here, you can choose to disable notifications if you wish to only show it on your board. Plus, you can change the name, URL, or icon here.

4. On the next page, switch over to the Settings tab, where you will be able to click on "Check for Content", and then put in the word, which when present on the site, would mark the site UP.

You can also specify a single region to check the content for so that if the site is down in some region and up and running in yours, you won't get false alerts.

5. Scroll all the way down and hit Save. That's it!

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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