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Customizing Your Status Page with Your Logo

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Customizing Your Status Page with Your Logo

StatusGator status pages are customizable with a title, subtitle, and logo on the Customize tab.

You can upload any PNG or JPG image as your logo and any size till technically work. However, we recommend certain sizes and formats for optimal display and performance:

  • height: 200px

  • width: 200px to 600px.

To upload the logo for your status page - follow the next steps:

1. Open the board and click on Status Page in the left-panel menu.

2. Scroll down and click the Upload button in the Appearance section.

4. Once you select a file, you'll see the image of the uploaded file in the logo section, click the green Save button

Note: It's best to use a PNG with a transparent background and something that looks good on both dark backgrounds and light backgrounds, to ensure users with dark mode-enabled browsers can still see your logo.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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