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Overriding a Service Status

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Overriding a Service Status

There are times when you might want to override the status of a particular service on your board. For instance, if a service is experiencing an outage that doesn't affect you and your team, you may prefer not to display that warning on your public board.

On the other hand, if a service is impacted by an outage but they are not publishing it on their status page, you can still show it as down on your board. You also have the option to include an optional message displayed alongside the service.

To override a status, follow the next steps:

1. Choose the monitor you wish to override 

2. Click the three dots next to a service and select Override Status option

3. In the opened modal, you can:

• Select the status to be displayed 

• Provide a message, which will be displayed alongside the status on your board (optionally) 

• Lock the status. "Locked" simply means this modified status will remain in place until you return to the page and change it. StatusGator's automated monitoring will not affect this service.

If you leave the status unlocked, any future changes in the service's status will cancel out your override, updating the status and message automatically.

4. Once you're done, click Override, and you will be redirected back to your board. Here, you can view the status of your override.

Note: The lock icon will indicate that the status is locked. The pencil icon will indicate that the displayed status is different from the automated status but is not locked.

Any message you have specified will appear on your board, allowing you to communicate issues promptly, regardless of whether the service's official status page reflects the problem.

5. You can always edit or remove the override status.

The overridden status and message will be displayed on your public Status page as well.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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