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Creating a Status Page

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Creating a Status Page

A public status page conveys scheduled maintenance, downtime events, and general system uptime of sites or services. 

StatusGator can publish an aggregated status page showing the status of all of the services that you monitor. These status pages allow your team members view-only access to your service dependencies.

Status Pages are a feature of all plans.

To create a status page:  

  1. Open the dashboard for which you want to create a status page.

  2. Click the Status Page link at the top of your dashboard.

  1. In the tab Messaging, you may enter a message with details for the top of your status page.

  1. In the tab Design, you can choose Template for your status page. 

There are Standard, Two column, Four column and Embedded available options. The most popular is the two-column layout. 

Also enter a name for your page along with a subtitle, if desired. You can also upload a logo to customize your page further. For this upload any PNG or JPG image. We recommend height: 200px and width: 200px to 600px.

Note: use a PNG with a transparent background and something that looks good on both dark backgrounds and light backgrounds, to ensure users with dark mode-enabled browsers can still see your logo.

  1. In the tab Advanced, you may enter your custom domain and CSS. Also, it is possible to add a favicon, how to do this you may read in the article "Set a status page favicon".

There are optional settings such as Remove Branding and Protect with password.

  1. To publish your status page - click the appropriate button .

To see the customized status page you should click the button .

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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