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Microsoft 365 Private Status Ingestion

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Microsoft 365 Private Status Ingestion

StatusGator Enterprise plan supports ingestion of your specific tenant status from major services such as Microsoft Office 365. There are 3 values we need in order to connect to the Office 365 status API as part of your account: 

  • Tenant Name: This is a domain name such as “” or “” and uniquely identifies your Office 365 tenant.
  • Client ID: Identifier for a new OAuth2 application you will register inside your Microsoft admin center.
  • Client Secret: The corresponding secret value for the Client ID you will create.

Follow these steps to register a new application:

  1. Sign into Microsoft Entra admin center
  2. Click on Applications on the left menu
  3. Click on Enterprise applications on the expand menu
  4. Click on New application at the top
  5. Click on Create your own application at the top
  6. Under What’s the name of your app?
  7. Enter “StatusGator” (or a name of your choosing)
  8. Under What are you looking to do with your application?
  9. Choose Register an application to integrate with Microsoft Entra ID (App you're developing)
  10. Under Who can use this application or access this API?
  11. Choose Accounts in this organizational directory only
  12. Leave Redirect URI blank
  13. Click Register at the bottom
  14. Under Applications on the left click App Registrations
  15. Click the App applications tab
  16. Click the app you just created
  17. If the application doesn’t appear right away, wait a few moments an refresh.
  18. Click API permissions on the left
  19. Click Add a permission
  20. Click Microsoft Graph at the top
  21. Click Application permissions on the right
  22. Type ServiceHealth in the search box
  23. Expand the SearchHealth bar by clicking > and check off SearchHealth.Read.All
  24. Type ServiceMessage in the search box
  25. Expand the ServiceMessage bar by clicking > and check off ServiceMessage.Read.All
  26. Click Add permissions at the bottom
  27. Click Grant admin consent for [organization] at the top of the table
  28. Click Yes to confirm
  29. Click on Certificates & secrets on the left
  30. Click on the Client secrets tab
  31. Click on New client secret
  32. Enter a description such as “StatusGator”
  33. Choose an expiration. You will need to generate a new secret and update in the StatusGator UI before the expiration of your secret.
  34. Copy the string in the Value column. This is your Client Secret.
  35. Click on the Overview item on the left
  36. Copy the string listed under Application (client) ID. This is your Client ID.
  37. Click the user profile menu in the upper right corner.
  38. The value after the @ sign in your email address is your Tenant ID.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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