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Integrating with Atlassian Statuspage

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Integrating with Atlassian Statuspage

Atlassian Statuspage is the most popular status page hosting platform. Their tool allows you to publish a status page publicly or privately and with numerous data sources and integrations.

You can integrate your StatusGator account and your Atlassian Statuspage account to send data from StatusGator to Statuspage. When your cloud vendors experience an outage, StatusGator detects the change to their status page and updates a corresponding component of your Atlassian Statuspage.

To integrate with Atlassian Statuspage:

1. Sign into StatusGator and click the Integrations link at the top.

2. Under Third-Party Status Pages, you will see Statuspage Integration. Click the Add button to add this integration.

3. Enter the API key and Page ID from your Atlassian Statuspage account. To generate an API key, see Atlassian's help documentation. The Page ID is displayed at the bottom of the API Info page inside your Statuspage account.

4. Press Save Configuration to save your API information and test the connection.

5. Next, connect services you've subscribed to in StatusGator with component on your Atlassian Statuspage. Click Add Service to create a new connection. Choose a service from StatusGator and connect it to a component on Statuspage.

6. Repeat until you've connected all of the services you wish to display on your Statuspage. Then click Save Configuration.

That's it! When that service status changes, StatusGator will change the status of the component on your Atlassian Statuspage to match.

If you have any questions or need help with integration, don't hesitate to reach out.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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