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Filtering to Service Components

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Filtering to Service Components

Some services monitored by StatusGator have many components. These could be separate products, hosted regions, or granular status details. You can utilize StatusGator component filters to limit your notifications and dashboard status to that of only the components you care about.

Let's look at Zoom, one of the most popular services on StatusGator.

Here's how you can filter by components:

1. Sign into StatusGator and you will be taken to your board.

2. Click 3 dots on the right side next to any service, then Configure. You will be taken to a new page.

3. Select the Component Filters menu tab.

4. Choose the "Filter to specific components" option. This allows you to choose just the components that are useful to you.

5. Now, check off the components you use. The current status of each will show next the component name. You can also expand groups of services to see subcomponents underneath. 

For example, maybe you don't use the Conference Room Connector so you would not check that. And does it really matter to you if the Zoom website itself is down? Probably not. Choose the services that will impact you and the leave the rest unchecked.

6. Click Back to monitors or any other menu item, the component filters setup will get saved automatically:

In the case of the above selections, the status of Zoom on your dashboard and on your status page will change from Warn to Up because the components you have selected are all up. 

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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