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Difference between Account SSO and Status Page SSO

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Difference between Account SSO and Status Page SSO

We have two SSO offerings: Account SSO and Status Page SSO.

Account SSO is offered on all multi-user plans now (previously, it was only offered on our top-end plan). It protects your StatusGator account itself via SSO. So your IT team and other users who administer your StatusGator monitors and dashboards, configure notifications, etc. They sign into StatusGator via SSO to do so. This is quite commonly requested and used now by our customers.

The other is the ability to protect your status page behind SSO. This allows you to make your status page only accessible to users in your company. The most common use case for this is when you have a status page that you want to make available to your entire company (but nobody outside your company). It's configured separately from your account SSO so that your SAML config can allow a broader set of users to access the status page. This is not commonly requested by our customers and is available only on our Enterprise plan. Most simply make it public or they protect it behind a simple shared password.

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