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Managing a Board

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Managing a Board

Admin users can create and manage their boards. They can also assign other users or hand the dashboards off to other users.

When you have assigned another user to your dashboard, they will be able to manage it:

  • add services;
  • configure services (component level);
  • set up unique notifications;
  • create and edit the status page;
  • invite new members.

What these assigned users can't do:

  • create other dashboards;
  • handle billing;
  • delete dashboard entirely.

The main use case of this is to allow departments or divisions to configure their own set of service dependencies.

You can create multiple dashboards on plans which allow this. This is super useful when you have a few departments and they need to monitor a bit different services, so you can split them up a bit.

About how to create a dashboard and assign users to it you can read in this article.

Once you select a certain board of yours, you will be taken to the Monitors page. On that page, you can:

1. Add a new service/website monitor.

2. Reorder your service/website monitors, search for specific ones using the search bar

3. Configure a service monitor.

You will be taken to the next page, where you can change the service name, add a description to this service, delete a monitor (this action will remove it from your dashboard, you can add it back later if needed).

If you select the Notifications menu tab, you will be able to configure the way notifications are set up. You can select only major incidents (when a monitor is completely DOWN), minor incidents (when only some componen of a monitor is DOWN, but it does not affect the overall service performance), Maintenance/Informational (when a monitor is in maintenance or displays som informational message at the top of their public status page), Upcoming maintenance (when a monitor displays a message about upcoming maintenance). 

You can monitor all components of a service or you can filter your service to specific components only that matter the most to your organization.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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