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How do I reorder services?

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How do I reorder services?

As you add more services to your Dashboard, they'll stick in place according to the order in which you add them. However, you can easily drag-and-drop services to change their order. 

Note: this order will reflect how services are displayed on your customized status page.

To reorder services on your dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard, choose which one you would like to edit and open.

  2. Mouse over a certain service. For instance, we want to drag StatusGator to the first position.

  1. To drag any service you should see such sing .

  2. Drag the service up or down to put it in a place you want between all services.

Note: you can also re-alphabetize services by clicking on the icon .

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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