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What is a Public Status Page?

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What is a Public Status Page?

A public status page is a special website that publicly shows the availability of a website or service, information on scheduled maintenance, downtime events, and general system uptime.

Public status pages are recommended for:

  1. Updating site viewers and users on downtime events (to reduce the load on Support Teams).

  2. Providing a historical view of past incidents and global uptime percentages.

  3. Displaying current statuses of components as well as system performance metrics.

For example, on StatusGator's status page you can see the status of the notification system, other components, and incidents that were in the past. We make this information available to you in notifications, status dashboards, and via integrations with other services.

You can create your own customized status page using StatusGator, a status page aggregator. We collect data from thousands of status pages and normalize that data into a single page for your team. Read about how to create a status page in the article "Creating a status page for a dashboard".

If you have any questions or problems, please email us or submit a ticket.

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